April 25, 2024

Join the ‘Levelling Up!’ Webinar with Renowned Speakers for Building a Strong Esports Ecosystem in Africa


Esports Africa Tournament (EAT) has unveiled the lineup of speakers for its highly anticipated webinar titled “Levelling Up! Building a Strong Esports Ecosystem in Africa”, scheduled for tomorrow, April 20. In collaboration with FITGMR, a renowned esports performance and player development system based in the United States, the webinar promises to be an invaluable platform for gaining insights into the progress of esports in Africa and exploring ways in which we can collectively contribute to its thriving growth.

Among the esteemed panel of speakers, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from James Pirelli, the esteemed Senior Project Manager of FITGMR, whose extensive experience and insights in project management are sure to captivate and inspire. Additionally, David Chen, a prominent figure from the prestigious FaZe Clan, will share his wealth of knowledge on the intricacies of the gaming industry, providing invaluable insights to the audience. Last but certainly not least, Mike Anderson, a respected professional associated with Cloud9, will lend his expertise and perspectives on the latest trends and developments in the ever-evolving world of technology.

The “Levelling Up! Building a Strong Esports Ecosystem in Africa” webinar has garnered widespread support from a multitude of esteemed organisations, each playing a pivotal role in advancing the esports landscape in Africa. Notable supporters of this groundbreaking event include the Esports Association, Ghana (EAG), Canvic Records Esports, GiiKs Game City (GGC), KON10DR, ARUDEM, Ace Gamers, Alpha Clan, and Esports Africa News (EAN), among many others. Together, these influential entities are collectively contributing their expertise, resources, and passion to promote the growth and development of esports in Africa, underscoring the significance of this webinar as a unifying force for the entire esports community in the region.

If you’re eager to be a part of this groundbreaking event, there’s still time to register and secure your spot at the “Levelling Up! Building a Strong Esports Ecosystem in Africa” webinar. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join the conversation and gain valuable insights from industry experts. Simply click on the provided link to reserve your slot and be a part of this exciting virtual experience.