February 25, 2024

In the past couple of years, COVID-19 has shaken the world’s core leaving some places to deal with almost irreparable damage. Given the mode of transmission of the virus, cleanliness has become an absolute necessity. Disinfecting surfaces is one sure way of preventing the disease.

Using alcohol based wiped or sanitisers to wipe gaming equipment can help prevent the virus from infecting us through things we love.As much as your creativity is a treasured gem, the equipment one uses to get results is as important as the ideas you get. In whatever field you find yourself, your equipment is what aids you. The care you give your machinery, tools and so on, determines the kind of output you get.

A seamstress or fashion designer must care for his or her sewing machine, the fisherman must care for his boat and net and the carpenter must care for his hammer and so on. In the same light, a gamer, no matter the mode of gaming must care for his or her equipment. Whether you are a streamer or a casual gamer or just the one who sits back to watch others play, it is necessary to have a clean and well maintained setup to prolong its lifespan and efficiency.

The personal computer (PC) is one of the most common devices for gaming since it’s relatively cheaper than a console. Gamers are either constantly gaming or watching others game on YouTube or Twitch but one must remember that keeping your PC in the best condition lengthens the life of your PC, both internally and externally which saves money and time.

Here are some important things to love your PC with. One of the first things you’d like to do is to pad the PC. Padding is keeping it safe from external conditions like water and dust using stuff like skin, sleeves, hard-shell Snap-on covers, and the messenger bag which is for those who move their PC’s around a lot.It is commonly known as PC bags and believe it or not these provide the utmost protection for the PC when travelling or moving from one place to another. The second thing to avoid is to completely avoid overcharging. Overcharging your PC weakens its battery strength and resistance and the PC may not have a long lifespan. Always unplug the PC when it’s 100% full and avoid charging till it’s actually really low.Another important thing to do is to organize your chords. As a gamer, student or worker, there will be that high chance of you having several cables crawling around the place. The stress of having long chords is nothing compared to having those chords mixed up when you really need to find one of them. To prevent mix ups, group your chords in terms of purpose and colors to allow easy access and clipping the cables to the ground also prevents mix ups. Attaching cable clips to the desk, walls or floors help keep the organized and they can hold cables of all sizes. Lastly, always keep your PC clean. Food and water should not be dangerously near your pc. When cleaning your laptop or desktop, absolutely avoid pouring any type of liquid onto the body. Water and electronic devices do not mix well and could result in extreme damage to your computer. Wipe off food stains and disinfect to prevent catching diseases especially in this time of the corona virus. A happy PC is definitely a happy gamer