July 16, 2024

Kiro’o Games reveal the first images of anime series


Kiro’o Games, a Cameroonian video game, animation, development and publishing company, has revealed the first images of its upcoming animated series titled “Aurion: Caloo Hunters.”

The series is being brought to life thanks to Kiro’o Games’ partnership with French animation studio La Chouette Compagnie and according to the Cameroonian company Season 1 of the show has already been drafted and they are now negotiating to sign with a broadcaster.

“Now we are actively in the negotiation phase with the broadcasters for Season 1, which has already been drafted. We hope to have connections, and sign with a broadcaster by the end of 2023.” A statement from Kiro’o Games read

The African animators also revealed some of the companies they are negotiating with stating that “around the negotiating table currently, we can already mention: Disney, CrunchyRoll, Netflix and Mounia Aram Company is in charge of distribution.”

The Aurion: Caloo Hunters tells the story of Kebe and her friends of Caloo Hunters as they take on the oppressive BAHATE Bank which monopolises all the opportunities on the planet of Aurioma.

Kebe and her friends will travel and explore the fantastical world of Aurioma as they fight to create a world where all their little brothers and sisters will be free to choose their destiny far from the BAHATE oppression.

The series seems to be part of Kiro’o Games’ “AurionVerse” which includes the 2016 video game and the 2018 comic book release of Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan.