February 28, 2024

KitKat Set For Three More Years with League of Legends EMEA

Nestlé-owned chocolate brand KitKat has announced the renewal of its partnership with the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC), EMEA Masters, and EMEA Regional Leagues (ERLs) for an additional three years. This move solidifies KitKat’s commitment to the thriving esports scene, securing its position as the trio’s main partner until 2026.

Since its initial foray into the League of Legends European Championship in 2020, KitKat has been a consistent and notable presence, and this renewal expands its influence across the broader esports landscape. The partnership encompasses activations during technical pauses and champion selections, ensuring KitKat’s brand is interwoven seamlessly into the fabric of these major gaming events.

KitKat’s visibility will not be limited to the premier League of Legends tournaments alone; the brand will also enjoy exposure in the EMEA Masters broadcasts. Furthermore, this extended collaboration brings KitKat into the limelight across the EMEA Regional Leagues, making appearances in 13 divided national leagues, showcasing the brand’s commitment to a diverse and expansive esports audience.

The timing of this announcement is noteworthy, coinciding with Riot Games’ decision to raise the minimum age for players in the LEC from 17 to 18. The move is aimed at opening up new revenue streams for teams and the LEC itself. This shift in age requirements potentially opens the door for sponsorships from industries that were previously restricted, such as alcohol and gambling, creating a ripe environment for brands like KitKat to further solidify their presence.

This renewal follows KitKat’s successful integration into the Tier 2 ecosystem, featuring prominently in EMEA Masters broadcasts and all ERLs at specific stages. The brand’s strategic positioning within the esports landscape aligns with the industry’s continued growth and the surging popularity of League of Legends in the EMEA region.

Commenting on the renewal, Charlie Allen, Director of Commercial Partnerships EMEA at Riot Games, expressed excitement, stating, “We’re so glad to welcome back KitKat for the next 3 years. KitKat has helped us heap on the fun and excitement to our Leagues, and we can’t wait to see what surprises they have in store for the coming years.”

KitKat’s immersive approach to the gaming and esports industry has resonated with the esports community, making it an integral and enduring brand within the EMEA leagues and tournaments. As esports continues to captivate audiences worldwide, KitKat’s extended commitment further underscores the longevity and significance of esports in the EMEA region. With other major brands like HP’s HyperX and OMEN also increasing their presence in Riot Games’ esports titles, the stage is set for an exciting and dynamic future for the gaming community.