July 14, 2024
lady legasus

Ritalucia Henry-Andoh, popularly known as “Lady Legasus,” a popular half Ghanaian, half Nigerian esports athlete, streamer, and shoutcaster, has added tournament organiser to her ever-growing repertoire, organising the Legasus Bussdown Duos Tournament on Sunday, August 21. 

The Apex Legends tournament was the noted Caustic player’s first-ever foray into tournament organising, something she has spoken passionately about in the past, stating that she wanted to “create a community of people who are actually interested in gaming.”

Lady Legasus also spoke about her desire to improve the female gaming industry in the West African region, stating that despite her first tournament being open to all, “absolutely nothing has changed,” and she is still “100% pro-women and pro-women in gaming.”

“With this being my first event, I wanted it to be totally open to the public. I do look forward to doing more events that would be more female-centred,” she further explained.

However, we will not be seeing another tournament organised by the half Ghanaian half Nigerian streamer anytime soon as she stated in her exclusive interview with EAN after the event, “It was quite an experience but quite fun, so I can say yes! However, not anytime soon, I need to recuperate,” Ritalucia said about the chances of her organising another event.

Apart from her organising duties, Lady Legasus also hosted the live stream of the event alongside co-host Dnov. With the juggling of both roles, she spoke about the lessons she learned from the ordeal.

“It was a success; people had fun, both those participating and those hanging out in the Twitch chat. I’ve learned that the timing of a tournament is super difficult because there are a lot of people to manage at the same time. There is a lot of organising to be done, tallying scores.”

“Keeping people entertained in between games. I’ve learned I can do all that though. I’m capable.”

So what is next for the talented esports star? Well according to her it will be to maintain her current pace as she looks to continue her push to develop gaming in Ghana and West Africa.

“Next on the table for me is maintaining all these careers I’ve started. Keeping up with my streaming, collaborating on more events and pushing gaming in Ghana and West Africa as a whole.”

You can watch Lady Legasus’ first-ever tournament the Legasus Bussdown Duos Tournament below;