May 24, 2024

Launching of Mobile Gaming Activities in Douala

Launching of Mobile Gaming Activities in Douala: A Milestone for Cameroon Esport

On April 17, 2024, history was made in Douala, the bustling economic capital of Cameroon. The event, hosted by Cameroon Esport in collaboration with their partners Orange Cameroon and the Cameroonian game studio Kiroo Games, marked the official launch of mobile gaming activities. This groundbreaking initiative aims to promote e-sports and harness the potential of video games in education and training.

Here are the key highlights from this momentous day:

  1. Mr. THIAM, the executive secretary of the Confederation Africaine des Sports Electroniques (CASE), delivered an inspiring speech via video conference. He emphasized the role of video games in education and training, shedding light on the opportunities presented by mobile e-sport leagues—much like the successful model in Senegal.
  2. Olivier Madiba, the visionary founder of Kiroo Games, introduced their flagship mobile game, Aurion KGF. During his address, he candidly discussed the challenges faced by video game studios in Africa. However, he firmly asserted that nothing is impossible for Africans. Our weaknesses can be transformed into strengths, and resilience is our greatest asset. Madiba also touched upon the rich African cultural heritage, emphasizing its importance in shaping the gaming industry.
  3. The representative from the Ministry of Sport and Physical Education was captivated by the proceedings. Witnessing the passion and innovation on display, he pledged that the Cameroon E-sport Federation would soon come into existence. He commended the hard work of all e-sports stakeholders in Cameroon, especially Blaise Diboto, the president of Cameroon Esport, and his dedicated team.

In summary, this event signifies a turning point in the history of e-sports in Cameroon. Mobile games now occupy a central role in a positive trajectory, and the gaming community eagerly awaits the next chapters of this promising journey.

Long live Cameroonian e-sports!