April 25, 2024
Leti Arts

Ghanaian video game company Leti Arts with support from Institut Français Ghana and Institut Français Paris on Monday 28th February 2022 launched the superhero comic book ” Blind Frontiers: Niuma’s Tale” based on French indie game studio Blind Bend Studio‘s in-development game ‘Blind Frontiers’ which is set to be released in 2024.

Leti Arts

The comic which was developed during Blind Bend Studio’s Creative Director, Teninke Camara, residency in the country as she was hosted by Leti Arts, will centre around the character of Niuma, a superheroine with albinism from West Africa.

Speaking exclusively with EAN Teninke spoke about her inspiration in creating Niuma revealing her sister’s inherited condition “I have a little sister that has albinism and she struggled to make a path in the society, people told her that she can’t do this kind of work,” Teninke said

“But we’ve seen a doctor and actually they told us that she could do anything that she wants but she has to manage her workspace to be able to work without any challenges.”

“So creating this character for me was natural because it represents a category of person that is overshadowing the society, people have misconceptions due to the fact that in media we always represent them like antagonists, like a villain never in a bright way.”

Teninke also spoke about the challenge the team had to go through to finish producing the comic in just a month stating “Yes it was a great challenge. For the writing, it was a great challenge and actually, the writing took only one week to be written and then we focused on printing the comic panel.”

Leti Arts CEO, Eyram Tawia also spoke on his experience with the project stating that “Making comics is one of the strengths of Leti Arts and telling stories in diverse formats is what Leti Arts does best. You can see our superhero franchise, we have a set of heroes who have backstories in comics in video games so we are the video games comics kind of people.”

Leti Arts
Leti Arts CEO, Eyram Tawia

“So meeting Blind Bend Studio and seeing Niuma we are like you guys, you may need another format that could start selling the character before the game is released and making comics is a time-intensive process but we at Leti, this is our strength, we can churn out comics and characters in very short periods at top quality. So doing this was quite challenging, exciting at the same time fun for us.”

The release date of the comic has not yet been revealed but it will be available on Leti Arts’ online comic app Afrocomix.