June 22, 2024

Mills Media unveil characters ahead of Yaa Asantewaa movie


Mills Media, a Ghanaian illustration and animation firm, has released character bios for their upcoming animation feature Asantewaa: Battle for the Golden Stool.

The company has been working on the project for some time and has been updating its progress on social media. The project appears to make use of 3D technology to carve out the story they wish to tell. It’s coming together beautifully as it stands now. The studio also unveiled other characters, including the story’s antagonist.

Prior to the project, The Story of Yaa Asantewaa and the Battle for the Golden Stool have been placed in bookstores and online shops since its publication in December 2019. The comic book was released along with the game, which is accessible on the Google Play Store. Unlike the animated film, which will be in 3D, the game was produced in 2D and is full of action and adventure.

The story of Yaa Asantewaa and the Battle for the Golden Stool is not Mill Media’s sole endeavour. The studio has tried its hand at creating and designing characters for Ghanaian businesses. They have created several games on their own. At the height of the pandemic in 2020, the business released Xcape, a 2D labyrinth arcade game in which players had to survive by dodging opponents (viral infections) as they walked around the maze.

Mills Media has made a commitment to tell the Ghanaian story and culture since they began producing tales from an African and Ghanaian perspective. “At Mills Media, we hold our Ghanaian culture and heritage in high esteem. This is why we endeavour to promote our rich culture and traditions through our various productions,” the studio reiterated in a post revealing one of their games.

Asantewaa: Battle for the Golden Stool is a modern retelling of the tale of Yaa Asantewaa, who led the Ashanti struggle against British Colonialism in 1900 to safeguard the Golden Stool, which is still the Ashanti Kingdom’s symbol of pride.

We can only pray and hope that the film will be ready and available to watch as soon as possible as no release date has been revealed.