February 28, 2024

Motorsport UK & Simracing.GP Team Up

Motorsport UK

In a groundbreaking collaboration, the national sports governing body, Motorsport UK, has joined forces with Simracing.GP to unveil the British GT Esports Cup 2024, set to kick off this February. This all-new esports series promises to bridge the gap between professional sim racers and community drivers, offering a unique opportunity for newcomers to engage in competitive esports aligned with the prestigious Intelligent Money British GT Championship.

The British GT Esports Cup 2024 is set to mirror the real-world racing series by incorporating British tracks on Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC) and the Spa circuit in Belgium. This move reflects the commitment to authenticity, aligning with the 2024 British GT calendar. From sprint-style events at Oulton Park with two 60-minute races to endurance challenges at Silverstone, the series will feature diverse racing formats, creating a dynamic and engaging experience for participants and viewers alike.

An inclusive approach is at the forefront of this esports venture, as the series will welcome a total of 40 teams, each comprising a Pro-level driver and an amateur counterpart. This dual-driver format not only enhances the competitive landscape but also provides an opportunity for aspiring sim racers to showcase their skills alongside seasoned professionals.

To maintain a fair and competitive environment, the championship will leverage Simracing.GP’s ranking system. Each driver must complete five races on the platform to establish an accurate rank, ensuring a balanced competition that caters to participants of varying skill levels. This initiative aligns with Simracing.GP’s commitment to providing opportunities for drivers of all abilities.

Apart from the thrill of competing in a high-stakes esports championship, participants will have the chance to win enticing prizes. The top three teams will receive hospitality tickets to a 2024 British GT round, providing an exclusive real-world motorsport experience. Additionally, the winners will be granted coveted Grid Walk passes, further solidifying the immersive connection between virtual and real-world racing.

Adam Eley, Simracing.GP’s Head of Sales and Marketing, expressed his excitement, stating, “It’s thrilling to be able to provide the first Motorsport UK racing on ACC, and what better way to do it than partnering with the iconic British GT series. For Simracing.GP, it is always important that we continue to provide opportunities for drivers of all abilities, which is why the Pro-Am format is just so exciting.”

As Simracing.GP continues to establish itself as a prominent platform in the sim racing space, this collaboration marks a significant stride towards creating a more inclusive and realistic esports landscape, merging the virtual and real-world racing realms seamlessly. The British GT Esports Cup 2024 is poised to captivate audiences and redefine the esports racing experience.