July 14, 2024

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is currently assisting BRUSA Sports—a global scholarship agency that helps students of all sporting, gaming, academic, and cultural strengths in obtaining scholarships to their dream universities in the United States or Canada—in its mission to support esports athletes in furthering their education for life after esports.

Esports, like any other traditional sport, require both mental and physical attributes to compete—with esports mostly needing quick reflexes and mental clarity—which deteriorate as you age, as many professional gamers tend to retire when they reach their thirties.

And though there are many other avenues in the sport for gamers to enter once they retire, such as live streaming, shoutcasting, and esports administration, among many others, the MSSA believes that by furthering their education, “esports athletes are then able to enter many more fields which will aid and assist esports to a far greater degree.”

Esports related professions

This philosophy can be seen with the Provincial and Protea Colours—which athletes can earn through Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA)—as they equip athletes with the necessary opportunity to acquire bursaries to study further at a tertiary educational level.

BRUSA Sports has helped over 200 athletes secure placement at American universities and/or colleges, covering almost $20 million in scholarships over 4 years. The organisation helps families from start to finish, through all the intricate steps that are required in the total admissions process to reach a globally recognised university in the USA or Canada.