June 19, 2024

gamer work space concept, top view a gaming gear, mouse, keyboard, joystick, headset, mobile joystick, in ear headphone and mouse pad on black table background.

Growing up, I was always surrounded by computers because of my dad’s job. He was an IT manager, so he had access to desktop computers. Consequentially I took an interest in computers but it was only for the singular reason of playing games.

Of course, I developed an interest in Computers as a whole, but the discovery of gaming on a PC piqued my interest the most. As I delved into the world of Solitaire and pinball, I became a regular at the game centre in my neighbourhood. The centre had consoles ranging from the Xbox 360 to PlayStation 2, at a time when the latter had the world on its knees.

I had hoped my parents would purchase a console for me, just because of the experience I had going to the game centre but it was not to be. In all my disappointment, they consoled me with an old desktop computer which became my escape into the gaming world. My “obsession” grew as I discovered that you could play more than just solitaire games on PC.

As the years went by, graphics got better and requirements to run the games went through the roof. My old desktop computer had ran its course and couldn’t keep up with new games being released.

My attention then shifted back to console gaming when my cousin showed off an impressive PlayStation 4. I instantly loved the realism. I was also impressed at the sheer number of games he had, most of which were single player games. This “new-gen machine” was made specifically for gaming and that blew me away. Being a PC gamer that long made the switch to console a little bittersweet. I was more familiar with the keyboard, and found the controller was a handful to master.

I still am unable to choose between gaming on PC and console. Based purely on preference and not on technicalities or “specs”, the qualities that appeal to me vary and make each of them unique in their own way. For me, this makes it hard to choose.

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