July 16, 2024
NIBBLE Esports

NIBBLE Esports, a South African esports organisation, officially released their Essentials Collection: Hoodie Drop on Monday, July 4.

The collection kicked off with the “Sleeve Print Black Hoodie” and gives fans the opportunity to unlock the second hoodie from the collection, the “Minimalist Cream Hoodie,” after 20 sales of the Sleeve Print Black Hoodie.

Speaking about the hoddie drop, CEO of NIBBLE Esports, Glenn Kisela, stated that he was proud of what his team had accomplished with the company’s limited budget.

“Really proud of what the team accomplished with this campaign on a shoestring budget (startup life) and in the space of a week from shooting to release.”

Following the launch of the Essentials Collection, the company has revealed that it will be having a limited release of the collection as well as re-releasing its Comfy Collection to parts of Africa, Europe and the United States of America.

NIBBLE Esports

So if you are interested in purchasing the esports organisation’s apparel you can click the link.