April 25, 2024

Registrations have opened for NODWIN Gaming Africa‘s Community Cups which are set to kick off on June 22.

The last Community Cups kicked off in May 2022 and featured five games including Garena Free Fire, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile, Fortnite, Clash Royale and Call of Duty (COD) Mobile.

However this month’s edition of the cups will only feature four games and with the exception of PUBG Mobile and Clash Royale. The games the continent is set to compete in this month are; Free Fire, COD Mobile, Fortnite and Clash of Clans.

Each tournament comes with a prize pool of $100 as NODWIN Gaming Africa continues to push its plan to mature esports communities on the continent as well as give gamers a stage to showcase their skills to the global market.

If you are interested in competing in any of the upcoming tournaments you can register at the official NODWIN Gaming Africa website.

However, please note the countries that are permitted to register for the upcoming Community Cups:

• Angola
• Benin
• Botswana
• Burkina Faso
• Burundi
• Cameroon
• Central African Republic
• Chad
• Comoros
• Congo
• Congo (DRC)
• Côte d’Ivoire
• Djibouti
• Equatorial Guinea
• Eritrea
• Eswatini
• Ethiopia
• Gabon
• The Gambia
• Ghana
• Guinea
• Guinea-Bissau
• Kenya
• Lesotho
• Liberia
• Madagascar
• Malawi
• Mali
• Mauritania
• Mauritius
• Mozambique
• Namibia
• Niger
• Nigeria
• Réunion
• Rwanda
• São Tomé & Príncipe
• Senegal
• Seychelles
• South Africa
• Somalia
• Sierra Leone
• South Sudan
• Sudan
• Tanzania
• Togo
• Uganda
• Zambia
• Zimbabwe