June 22, 2024

Some notable companies and individuals in the African game development ecosystem include:

• South Africa-based studios such as Free Lives (creators of Broforce and Genital Jousting) and QCF Design (creators of Desktop Dungeons)-https://freelives.net

Twitter -@freelives

• Ghana-based studio Leti Arts, known for their mobile games such as Africa’s Legends and Anansi- http://www.letiarts.com/about-us/

Twitter- @letiarts

• Nigerian-based game developers such as Maliyo Games and Ogaga Sakpaideof Naija Game Developers- https://www.maliyo.com

Twitter- @maliyoapp

• Egyptian game developers such as Game Cooks, creators of the popular mobile game “Run Sausage Run!”

• Kenyan game developers such as Soko Fun and Game-U- https://youtu.be/sUTugYMZLoc

• Sekg (South Africa)

The African game development ecosystem is still relatively small and emerging. Esports Africa news appreciates that there are likely to be many more other talented and innovative developers and studios operating in the region that have yet to gain widespread recognition, please get in touch to enable the team spotlight the works you do- [email protected]