February 25, 2024

Orange Hat Takes the African Esports Scene by Storm

Orange Hat

The African esports scene is about to get even more exciting with the arrival of the South African esports agency Orange Hat. Today, on April 27, Orange Hat has finally made its grand entrance on various social media platforms. Gamers and fans alike are looking forward to witnessing what this agency has in store for the esports community.

The esports agency aims to become the go-to destination for brands seeking to make their mark in the gaming community or for seasoned veterans looking to revitalise their events. This up-and-coming esports agency offers a turnkey solution to help brands make their debut in the gaming world.

With a team boasting over 10 years of combined experience, Orange Hat looks well-equipped to make its mark in the gaming and esports industries. According to the organisation, their team has collaborated with internationally acclaimed names as well as local South African experts in the field. This extensive experience and diverse knowledge make Orange Hat the perfect partner for anyone looking to enter or grow their presence in the esports industry.

As part of their launch announcement, the South African esports agency declared that their team is committed to elevating not only South Africa’s esports scene but also the entire continent of Africa. “After working alongside both internationally acclaimed and local South African names in the gaming and esports industry, our team has assembled to raise the level of play in local and African esports to international levels.”

Orange Hat is a dedicated esports agency that aims to put Africa at the forefront of the gaming world. They strive to provide a platform for the region’s talented gamers to showcase their skills and gain recognition on a global level. To learn more about Orange Hat and the comprehensive services they offer, be sure to visit their website www.orangehat.co.za.