July 24, 2024
Play Games Africa

Africa Games Week, the largest gathering of African game industry leaders has announced a Call For Speakers for its highly anticipated Play Games Africa event, taking place from November 27 to December 2. This dynamic vertical aims to bring together industry experts, professionals, and enthusiasts to delve into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities within the rapidly growing esports industry.

According to the organisers, you are invited to apply and join this prestigious gathering as a speaker, where you can share your knowledge, experiences, and success stories with a diverse audience of industry professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and aspiring esports enthusiasts. In addition to gaining exposure and recognition as a thought leader, you will also have valuable networking opportunities.

Play Games Africa presents an ideal platform to discuss a wide range of topics that are critical to the esports industry’s development. The following potential areas of focus are currently under consideration:

  1. Esports business models & monetisation strategies: Explore the various revenue streams and effective business models that can propel the growth of esports organisations.
  2. Sponsorship & brand partnerships in esports: Examine successful strategies for forging mutually beneficial partnerships between esports entities and brands and how these collaborations can be leveraged for sustainable growth.
  3. Building successful esports teams & organisations: Uncover the secrets behind creating and maintaining successful esports teams and organisations, including team management, talent acquisition, and fostering a winning culture.
  4. Esports broadcasting & content creation: Delve into the world of esports broadcasting and content creation, exploring the latest innovations, storytelling techniques, and engagement strategies.
  5. Player development & talent management in esports: Shed light on the crucial aspects of player development and talent management within the esports ecosystem, including training, coaching, and nurturing young talent.
  6. Esports marketing & fan engagement: Uncover the art of effective esports marketing and fan engagement, discussing tactics to build dedicated fan communities and create unforgettable experiences.
  7. Using esports & casual gaming in schools as a learning tool: Investigate the potential of esports and casual gaming as educational tools, examining their impact on skill development, teamwork, and problem-solving.

Play Games Africa is also open to considering other topics that align with the conference’s theme and would be of interest to the attendees.

To apply as a speaker, please submit the following information via email to Alexandra at [email protected]:

  1. Your full name and professional title
  2. A brief biography highlighting your experience in the industry
  3. The title of your proposed presentation and a concise abstract (200–300 words)
  4. Any specific audiovisual requirements you may have

Please note that the deadline for speaker applications is July 28, 2023.

With an anticipated high volume of submissions, the selection process promises to be competitive. Selected speakers will be notified as soon as possible. For any inquiries or additional information, please reach out to Alex at [email protected].