July 3, 2022

PlayStation Studios to invest 34% into new IP


Entertainment giants, Sony revealed in a recent investor briefing that the company will be looking to increase their investment in new Intellectual Property (IP) as part of its overall growth plans.

The company is said to be looking to increase its 23% investment into new IP back in 2019 to 34% by the end of the 2022 financial year.

Sony also revealed plans to increase that figure to 50% by the end of 2025 further confirming that the company sees great value in developing its first-party PlayStation Studios.

Earlier this month Sony revealed it would be pumping in a further $300 million into its developers including Santa Monica Studio and Guerrilla Games.

The company is also looking to significantly expand the number of studios it owns as they have acquired several studios in the past year, including Bluepoint, Housemarque and Bungie (which they acquired for $3.6 billion back in February).

And according to Sony Interactive Entertainment President, Jim Ryan back in April, more acquisitions are planned.

Sony also revealed that it is looking to expand brand awareness by continuing its development of TV as the company announced that three major PlayStation franchises will be getting TV adaptions.