April 21, 2024

One of South Africa‘s most consistent esports series returns for its third full year, as we are thrilled to announce the #MythicRoyale for 2022.

Fortnite and Apex Legends will be rotating throughout the course of the year, with players battling for their share of a total of R150,000 in cash up for grabs. Each series will feature a confirmed prize pool, but through a series of community goals, the prize pool may increase. These goals will vary for each series, so keep an eye on the Mythic Royale landing page and social media for more on them as they are revealed.

Alongside the cash prize pool, will be more opportunities for all ACGL registered users to win some amazing products thanks to the Mythic Royale sponsors. Each month will feature at least R35,000 in product giveaways via the Loot system and other methods.

As with 2021, this year’s Mythic Royale is brought to life by our amazing partners at AntecCrucialMSI and Redragon.

The 2022 season kicks off with Apex Legends, which will run from April and into May. Fortnite will be next, kicking off in mid-May and running into June. However, Fortnite players will still have additional opportunities to compete for cash before the first Fortnite series kicks off.