July 21, 2024

Qene Games’ JoyHack Game Development Hackathon Comes to an End

Qene Games'

Qene Games’ JoyHack Game Development Hackathon concluded successfully on April 30th at iceaddis, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The 48-hour event commenced on April 28th and brought together an outstanding group of game developers who coded, designed, and solved problems non-stop to create amazing games.

The hackathon showcased impressive talent, with participants tasked with recreating a popular video or mobile game. According to a statement by Qene Games, they were impressed with the exceptional work done by the participants, praising them for their dedication and hard work. “Our team just completed an intense game development hackathon, and we couldn’t be more proud of our accomplishments. It was 48 hours of non-stop coding, designing, and problem-solving, but the end result was worth every minute.”

The statement also extended congratulations to all the teams that participated and acknowledged everyone who contributed to the hackathon’s success. “We had an amazing team that was dedicated and didn’t give up until the very end. Shoutout to everyone who made this hackathon possible, and congratulations to all the teams who participated! Can’t wait for the next one.”

At the JoyHack Game Development Hackathon organised by Qene Games, the victors were rewarded with gaming equipment and a chance to partner with the award-winning studio on their upcoming project, which has yet to be disclosed. Qene Games recently shared that they are actively seeking talented and enthusiastic developers to work with them on bringing their next big gaming project to fruition. “We’re looking for creative and passionate developers to join us in creating the next big thing in gaming.”

Qene Games, a pioneering game development startup, is on a mission to create original African games and publish existing games that ignite the imagination of the next generation and encourage them to envision a brighter future. With the objective of promoting gaming expertise in Africa, Qene Games offers mentorship, recruitment, and upskilling opportunities to emerging game developers on the continent. As the first game development studio in Ethiopia, Qene has already made a significant impact with their popular mobile games Kukulu, Gebeta, Feta, and Tras. The studio was recognised with two prestigious awards, including the Best Entertainment App and Best App of the Year at the Apps Africa Awards, for their first two games.