April 25, 2024

On December 26, 2022, Ragno Esports, an esports organization based in Ghana, embarked on a mission to discover the most skilled FIFA 23 gamer in the Volta Region of West Africa. This exciting competition, known as the “Volta Region eChampions League,” gathered 60 of the region’s top gamers at the Eli Rich Hub in Ho for the Group Stage, which took place from December 26 to January 7. After intense battles, only 16 gamers emerged victorious, advancing to the next stage in their pursuit of becoming the ultimate champion of the Volta Region eChampions League.

The upcoming stage of the competition, where the remaining 16 gamers would compete in a knockout-style tournament to determine the ultimate winner, was scheduled to be held on April 8 at the KCS venue in Ho. Twum Barima, Founder of Ragno Esports in an exclusive interview with EAN, shared insights on the main challenge of bringing the Volta Region eChampions League to fruition. He stated, “The main challenge was how to get the community working here, so I think it’s been a year now that I have started working here, and by the grace of God, we’ve been able to penetrate through the community, and today we are seeing what we are seeing here being the biggest and the first time that the Volta region is having an eChampions League.”

Regrettably, the founder of Ragno Esports encountered yet another obstacle from Mother Nature as heavy rains began in the afternoon and continued until late at night, creating an insurmountable challenge for the event organisers. Despite their best efforts to find solutions, the persistent weather conditions caused difficulties in smoothly executing the event. As a result, a difficult decision was made to postpone the event to a later date.


The 16 gamers who were eagerly anticipating the Volta Region eChampions League crown have agreed to the decision to postpone the event and will now have more time to hone their skills in preparation for the yet-to-be-announced rescheduled date. Once the new date for the competition is announced, brace yourself for an electrifying showcase of FIFA 23 action, as some of the finest talents from the Volta region are poised to demonstrate their exceptional skills and captivate the country with their gameplay prowess.