April 25, 2024

Registration for Africa Elite Championship opens


Registration for the maiden edition of the Africa Elite Championship (AEC) officially opened on Monday, April 18 and is set to close on April 28.

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile competition is being organised by 3 Crown Esports and is set to see 32 teams from all over the continent battle it out for the $1800 prize pool.


Founded in 2021 in San Fransisco, Dubai and the United kingdom, 3 Crown Esports is dedicated to providing the very best of gaming experiences on the African continent, with an emphasis on mobile and console games and gamers.

“The wait is over, Africa Elite Championship is now open for registration! East, West, North and South of Africa, invite friends and family to play!” 3 Crown Esports stated on their official Twitter handle.

Stage One of the competition is set to see 32 teams from each region (West, South, North and East) divided into 2 lobbies of 16 teams each, where the top 8 teams from each lobby qualify for the next round after playing a total of 10 matches each per region.

Stage Two will see 16 teams from each region form a single lobby, whereby the top 5 teams from each region qualify for the next stage after playing a total of 12 matches each.

In Stage Three, 20 teams form a single lobby and are divided into 5 lobbies consisting of 4 teams each (A, B, C, D, E), whereby the top 16 qualify for the final stage after each team plays a total of 16 matches.

In the AEC Grand Finals, 16 teams form a single lobby and a champion will emerge after playing a total of 16 matches.

Interested gamers can register for the upcoming PUBG Moblie competition by joining the 3 Crown Esports discord.

The AEC is set to run from May 2 to July 7.