April 21, 2024

Registration for Ghana’s 2022 Commonwealth Esports Championships (CEC) Qualifiers are set to wrap up on Wednesday May 18.

Ghana is set to pick its gamers to represent the nation at the maiden edition of the CEC – which will be held alongside the 2022 Commonwealth Games – on May 21 at the Esports Academy in Haatso, Accra.

The national qualifiers were initially set to be held on May 3 but the Esports Association, Ghana (EAG) rescheduled the event to its current date to give gamers more time to prepare.

The CEC is a partnership between the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) and the Global Esports Federation (GEF) and will see gamers compete in Dota 2, eFootball and Rocket League.

Ghana will however be competing in only eFootball and Rocket League as revealed by President of the EAG, Kwesi Hayford, in an exclusive interview with EAN back in March.

“We needed to choose two games for the Commowealth [Games], so we chose PES and Rocket League I can’t say logistically we would want to raise a team for Dota when we do not have a team for Dota.”

“I know there are players who play Dota but how many are they we are not prepared enough for me I think that we need to grow where our community is.”

“We already have a small community for PES so it’s okay, we have a small community for Rocket League so it’s okay because I know we’ve done tournaments in these titles so we can do it even if we have to call players put them together and train them instead of doing qualifiers there is always a way around.”

So if you are a gamer interested in representing the nation in either eFootball or Rocket League at the 2022 Commonwealth Games, this is your last chance to put your name in the hat.

You can register for the national 2022 Commonwealth Esports Championship Qualifiers online at the Esports Association, Ghana website.