July 21, 2024

Ghanaian esports team Ruutz is looking to recruit gamers for their PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Call of Duty: Mobile (CODm) and Garena FreeFire teams.

This was revealed by the team’s founder, Kwesi Hayford, who stated that Ruutz Esports has “been looking for players almost all the time” in an exclusive interview with EAN.

“We have never had a homegrown PUBG team based in Ghana here, all our teams have been international players from South Africa and some from Europe but now we are trying to build a team here in Ghana.” He further stated

“We are also trying to grow our Call of Duty team, we wanted to do some justifier, we haven’t but definitely it is a good time for us to build our FPS and mobile team base.”

Ruutz Esports which became an officially verified esports team representing Ghana at EA Sports’ FIFAe events last year currently has around 20 gamers on their books, 6 of which make up their impressive FIFA team, and Hayford is looking to continue further developing the space by forming teams in PUBG, CODm and FreeFire.


“We are very strategic in picking our players, maintaining them and giving them the support that they need. So basically I try to create a family around the roots because we are just in the beginning of esports development, so we try to build our talent and try to create an avenue for them to grow.”