July 14, 2024

SA cricket star partners with Myria Gaming Studio


South African (SA) cricket star, AB De Villiers, has announced that he will be partnering with blockchain gaming company Myria Gaming Studio to launch a play-to-earn cricket game.

“I’ve had some strong partnerships in cricket… today I’m adding Myria Gaming to that list! I’m joining forces with Myria to build my mobile cricket game on their L2 blockchain.” De Villiers stated on his official Twitter handle.

De Villiers’ partnership with the blockchain gaming company is the first time a celebrity has backed a cricket blockchain game that integrates play-to-earn models and NFTs.

“It’s always been about cricket,” said De Villiers. “It’s always been about entertaining the crowds. I’m constantly looking for ways to change the game and building my blockchain-enabled cricket game on the Myria platform is the next step for me. The main thing is that there is no compromise.”

“My cricket game will be fun and exciting just like a match on the field, but it will also be equitable and empower digital asset ownership. Myria shares my commitment and together we will bring new cricket experiences to my fans.”

The mobile-exclusive game is expected to launch in 2023 and according to Myria Gaming Studios the yet-to-be-named game will be unlike the other play-to-earn titles which have recently come under a lot of criticism for lacking content.

According to the company, its goal is to get players genuinely excited to play and create a culture around the game while doing so.