April 21, 2024

Saudi Esports Federation Partners with Stc Group for Gamers8 Festival


The Saudi Esports Federation (SEF) has recently announced a significant one-year partnership deal with the Saudi Telecom Company (Stc Group), marking a major milestone for the growing esports industry in Saudi Arabia. This collaboration will see Stc Group providing technical support and sponsorship for a range of events organised by the Saudi Esports Federation, including the highly anticipated Gamers8 festival. With the inclusion of Stc Group’s gaming and tournament platform, Stc Play, as a sponsor, the Kingdom’s esports scene is set to thrive throughout 2023.

Under the agreement, Stc Group will offer technical support for various esports events hosted and managed by the Saudi Esports Federation, including the prestigious Gamers8 festival. The Stc Play platform will become an official sponsor for multiple esports tournaments held in Saudi Arabia throughout the year, such as Gamers8: The Land of Heroes, the Saudi League, and the SEF Awards. This partnership extends beyond sponsorship, as Stc Group will also provide high-speed internet connectivity to enhance the gaming experience at Saudi Esports Federation events.

Stc Play, the gaming and tournament platform offered by Stc Group, will assume a crucial role as the main tournament platform for community tournaments held at the Gamers8 festival, which is scheduled to commence on July 6th. This integration will facilitate a seamless and efficient tournament experience for participants, ensuring a high standard of competition.

In addition to supporting Saudi Esports Federation-sanctioned events, Stc Group’s accelerator programme, InspireU from Stc, will be present at Gamers8 to establish connections with gaming and esports companies based in Saudi Arabia. This initiative aims to foster collaboration and innovation within the gaming industry, further propelling the growth of the esports ecosystem in the Kingdom.

The Saudi Esports Federation has been successful in securing sponsorships for its flagship Gamers8 festival. Notably, recent months have seen prominent companies such as Aramco, PepsiCo, Razer, and HONOR join the ranks of sponsors. Additionally, the federation has partnered with FIFAe and collaborated with esports agency PLG to launch the second season of ‘Stream School.’ These partnerships not only enhance the financial support for Gamers8 but also validate its standing as one of the largest esports events globally.

Gamers8: The Land of Heroes, the highlight of the Gamers8 festival, is anticipated to be one of the largest esports events worldwide. This prestigious tournament will feature renowned titles such as FIFAe, Counter-Strike, Fortnite, and Rocket League, boasting a staggering $45 million prize pool distributed across all participating games. Furthermore, an additional $5 million will be allocated through a reward system that recognises outstanding performances by esports organisations throughout the festival.

The partnership between the Saudi Esports Federation and Stc Group signifies a significant step forward for the development of esports in Saudi Arabia. With Stc Group’s technical support, sponsorship, and provision of high-speed internet, the Gamers8 festival is poised to become a prominent event within the global esports landscape. As Saudi Arabia continues to attract noteworthy investments and partnerships, the Kingdom’s esports industry is set to flourish, providing new opportunities for players, teams, and gaming enthusiasts. While challenges and criticisms persist, the Saudi Esports Federation and its partners have the potential to foster positive change and contribute to the growth and maturation of the esports ecosystem in Saudi Arabia. As Gamers8: The Land of Heroes kicks off, all eyes will be on the Kingdom as it demonstrates its commitment to becoming a major player in the world of competitive gaming.