July 17, 2024
SOLO Esports

With exceptional skill and unwavering determination, Senegal’s esports organisation, SOLO Esports, achieved remarkable success at the recently concluded 2023 edition of Gamr X. The team’s star gamers, Hamza “HꓥMZꓥ” Niang and Mouhamed “DexXjunior” Thiam, proved their mettle once again, with HꓥMZꓥ retaining his title in Mortal Kombat 11 (MK11). At the same time, DexXjunior conquered the FIFA 23 tournament alongside his coach, Robert Lewa, leading the way. SOLO Esports left a resounding mark on the event, reaffirming its dominance in the African esports scene.

With a triumphant tone, SOLO Esports expressed their joy and pride following their exceptional performance at Gamr X. In a statement, they said, “Dear Gamr Africa, We came, we saw, we won. HꓥMZꓥ is your back-to-back champion on MK11. Champ DexXjunior and Robert Lewa won the FIFA tournament. African Champs.”

Hamza “HꓥMZꓥ” Niang, hailed as one of the most formidable players in the African MK11 scene, reaffirmed his status as the Gamr X champion. Building on his previous triumph, HꓥMZꓥ showcased unrivalled skills and strategy, leaving his opponents in awe. His mastery of the game’s mechanics and lightning-fast reflexes ensured his path to victory, securing his back-to-back championship titles.

Mouhamed “DexXjunior” Thiam, the eLigue 1 Tour champion, continued his outstanding 2023 form at Gamr X, winning the highly competitive FIFA 23 tournament. DexXjunior’s exceptional precision, tactical prowess, and exceptional ability to read the game allowed him to overcome formidable opponents, solidifying his reputation as one of the finest FIFA players in the African esports landscape. Accompanying DexXjunior’s triumph, coach Robert Lewa’s guidance and strategic insights played a crucial role in their victory, underscoring his valuable contribution to the team’s success.

Odie Ange Metuschela, the International Scouting and Country Manager of Africa at eSportsReputation, acknowledged the Senegalese players’ exceptional performance. Metuschela stated, “Senegal triumphs in Nigeria! DexXjunior and HꓥMZꓥ, both players of SOLO Esports, demonstrated their talent and mastery on FIFA 23 and MK11, seizing the crowns of champions during the Gamr X Africa tournament. A remarkable performance that confirms the hard work and determination of these young prodigies.”

SOLO Esports’ dominance at the 2023 edition of Gamr X showcases their exceptional talent and unwavering dedication. Hamza “HꓥMZꓥ” Niang’s consecutive victory in MK11 and Mouhamed “DexXjunior” Thiam’s triumph in FIFA 23, along with the invaluable contribution of coach Robert Lewa, solidify their position as African champions. With their remarkable achievements, SOLO Esports continues to push the boundaries of esports in Senegal and Africa as a whole, inspiring aspiring gamers and proving that talent and hard work know no boundaries.