July 16, 2024
top 10

GFA eTrophy champion, Prince Jonas, has revealed his list of the top 10 FIFA gamers in his home country of Ghana.

Prince Jonas’ list includes names such as his fellow FIFAe Nations Series teammates Habibu “Flow Burner Frass” Sulley (who has recently signed for Xplosion Esports), and Frank “Wondhakid” Kpakpo, among many others.

In an exclusive interview with EAN, the PlayProvince star revealed his reasoning behind his choices, stating that he looked at the gamers’ performances in the past 12 months.

“These guys always impress at tournaments, and most of them have won tournaments in the last 12 months,” Jonas said “It’s only Firmino we’ve not seen at any tournament, but I’ve seen him play and he’s very good.”

Below are the eTrophy champion’s Top 10 Ghanaian FIFA gamers in no particular order;

  1. Mbappe
  2. Sulley
  3. Wonderkid
  4. Magic man
  5. Guy Khobby
  6. OG Drizzy
  7. Prince Jonas
  8. Big ups
  9. Firmino
  10. Cobs

Jonas revealed that if he had to pick someone to replace him on the list, he would pick Ghana’s Commonwealth Esports Championship (CEC) eFootball representative and Team Falcon GH gamer Alfred “Wicked and Jovial” Kalu.

Many might consider Jonas to be the best FIFA gamer in the country currently due to his dominant performances so far this year. However, the eTrophy champion doesn’t see it that way, and instead picks his PlayProvince teammate Mbappe to be the best.

“Mbappe, he’s the No. 1 on the list.” Jonas stated, “I still don’t consider myself to be a PS5 player, but when the next tournament is due I’ll be back to my very best.”

“EA has been releasing patches in which the gameplay has changed. I’ve not experienced what it’s even like currently.”

The reaction to Jonas’ list has been interesting, to say the least, as one of the inclusions on the PlayProvince star’s Top 10, Guy Khobby, disagrees with some of the names on the list, stating on Twitter, “Only four names [are] legit for that list top, the rest are all scammers. The likes of Big Ups, Cobs and Mbappe haven’t reached that level yet.”