April 22, 2024

The Absa Gaming Festival Streamer Series for Apex Legends was announced in late April, but due to regular (and unpredictable) loadshedding, the custom lobby qualifiers have been regularly affected, making it difficult to complete the qualifying phase as planned.

With the challenges this has brought, a decision was made to make some changes to the format. The goal is to ensure everyone gets a bite at qualifying for the R20,000 cash final, whether loadshedding plays a part in the next few weeks or not.


The updated qualifying process will see a set of wide-ranging changes brought on to assist those competing in being able to arrange to compete at times that suit them. These include ensuring ease of communications with team members, and playing between loadshedding at a time that suits. The series will still require each team to feature at least one streamer and that any related series matches are streamed.

The following important details are to be noted:

  • We will be disbanding all original teams.  
  • Any original invited streamers and any existing teammates may still play together should they choose to, but new teams may be created using any available players. We suggest finding teammates you can easily communicate with to make the necessary arrangements to play. Teams should note the following however:
    • Team captains must stream
    • All participants must reside in Sub-Saharan Africa
    • New teams are allowed to compete
  • Submissions will be via a killrace leaderboard system running from the 3 to 12 June. During this period:
    • Teams can play as many matches as they want whenever they want during the time frame.
    • Teams will need to take a screenshot with the provided TAG supplied by the ACGL admins. This can be held up in front of the gamer or typed on screen, as long as the screenshot shows your kills, placement and the tag, your score will be valid.
    • At least one team member will need to stream the score attempts. While this can be hidden, an ACGL admin member may request the link for verification purposes. If you do publicly stream, please feel free to tag @AfricanGaming and @rAgeExpo and the social media teams will make every effort to reshare your stream. Additionally please use the hashtag #AbsaGamingFestival – you are not obliged to, but doing so would assist with tracking of your posts.
    • The top 20 teams from the leaderboard will be placed into a custom finals. The final is scheduled for a hard lock on the 18th of June. This means that the date will not be moved and players will be required to make additional arrangements if affected by loadshedding. 



The R20,000 prize pool up for grabs in the final will be distributed as follows:

  • 1st Place: R10,000 
  • 2nd Place: R5,000 
  • 3rd Place: R2,000 
  • 4-6th Place: R1,000

While we know this is not the exact same event most signed up for, unfortunately Eskom and loadshedding has caused a major issue while trying to run online events. We hope to see many of the players come back and sign up to the event. Our apologies to all the streamers that were inconvenienced during the course of the event.

Source: ACGL