July 14, 2024

Video game developer, Valve revealed that the Dota 2 7.31d patch is currently being worked on and will be released on June 8.

According to the developer, the 7.31d patch will be larger than usual and will include several exciting new features.

“The Dota team is hard at work on the upcoming Dota Plus June update which includes not only the traditional seasonal refresh but also several exciting new features and the 7.31d Gameplay Update. Because this update is a larger than normal, it’s going to ship a bit later than normal on June 8th.”

Valve revealed this on the Dota 2 website alongside the schedule for The International 2022 which is set to make its maiden appearance in Southeast Asia with Singapore hosting Dota 2’s biggest event.

The International is set to kick off in October 2022 and will have a different schedule than previous editions as the competition which normally takes 4 days of Group Stages followed by a one day break, and then 6 continuous days of playoffs starting on a Tuesday followed by the Grand Final on Sunday will now take place over four weekends (all the four weekends of October 2022).