April 22, 2024

Virago sequel available on Steam for wishlist


After over 10,000 copies and 100,000 downloads sold of his first ever indie game, Virago, Honest Chronicle founder Sunday Akor has revealed that a sequel is currently in development.

The sequel, which is titled “Virago: Trepidation,” is set to continue the story of an aged Willow who once again has to deal with her stalker after he has been released from prison and begins to manipulate her, causing her to lose her grip on reality.

Virago: Trepidation Teaser Video

Speaking about why he is making a sequel to Virago, Sunday Akor said “The fans loved the original Virago and kept on asking for a new game, so I went to work on the designs and art trying to perfect the character, which after several tests I believe I have.”

Virago: Trepidation looks to continue in the hyper-casual 2D platformer route of its predecesor, which took inspiration from other indie titles like Playdead and Double Eleven’s popular puzzle-platformer Limbo, but however, differentiated itself by telling a unique story with unique features – such as giving the player delayed/slow attacks as a way to implement Willow’s severe anxiety in the game.

No released date has been announced for the game, however, it is currently available on to wishlist on Steam.