July 16, 2024

Voodoo and Hasbro unveil Optimus Prime in the ongoing TRANSFORMERS Collaboration in Mob Control

Voodoo is thrilled to announce the next phase of its TRANSFORMERS collaboration with Hasbro, a leading toy and game company, bringing the legendary Optimus Prime into Mob Control, one of Voodoo’s most popular games.

The release of Optimus Prime in Mob Control follows the successful integration and reception of Bumblebee by Mob Control players, marking another milestone in Voodoo and Hasbro’s ongoing partnership to celebrate the TRANSFORMERS franchise’s 40th anniversary. In this exciting new update, Optimus Prime joins Mob Control as the new powerful champion!

Optimus Prime will multiply and carry your mobs in the truck mode during Battle, as he moves through the level getting closer to the enemy towers. When Optimus Prime comes in contact with enough enemies or the enemy tower, he will convert into robot form and start shooting with his Ion Blaster, as all the carried mobs spawn around him to fight the enemy mobs! Starting today, players can take Optimus Prime to battle in the second episode of ‘Echoes from Cybertron, a TRANSFORMERS Adventure’.

Players can unlock Optimus Prime in the in-game armory by collecting all the Blueprints for the Champion by purchasing the Premium Transformers Season Pass, as well as completing all the levels in Episode 2 of the Echoes from Cybertron Event. Blueprints for Optimus Prime are also included amongst the rewards in premium Booster Packs. The Blueprints can be claimed as the Premium rewards in the Transformers Season by purchasing the Premium Transformers Season Pass and as a one-time reward for completing all the levels in Episode 2 of the Echoes from Cybertron Event.

The Transformers Premium Pass is now available for early access for those who wish to try it and open for everyone from June 19th.The Echoes from Cybertron Event gives players who haven’t unlocked Optimus Prime a chance to take the new Champion to battle within the event! Additionally, given how much Mob Control players love competition and the success of the ‘Echoes from Cybertron, a TRANSFORMERS Adventure’ story mode event, this update introduces a new event leaderboard, The Transformers League, tracking player progress as they complete and replay levels within the event. Note that levels will be reshuffled with every replay to add to the challenge. Players can still enjoy Episode 1 of the event, ‘Bumblebee to the Rescue,’ alongside this new Optimus Prime update, with more TRANSFORMERS content set to be released later this year. “This collaboration is a prime example of our strategy to grow our digital games portfolio,” said Eugene Evans, SVP Digital Strategy and Licensing at Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast. By working with innovative teams, such as the talented minds behind Voodoo, we can expand the reach of our iconic brands like TRANSFORMERS to gamers in entirely new formats, all around
the world.” Miguel Santirso, formerly a technical lead at King for Candy Crush Soda Saga, leads the Mob
Control team (also known as Studio Mambo), as the game continues to perform strongly as one of Voodoo’s top-performing games, generating revenues close to $100 million in 2023.The Mob Control (Studio Mambo) team is fully remote, with team members across Europe. As the studio continues to experience healthy growth, it actively seeks talented individuals to augment its ranks. Voodoo is excited to continue this collaboration with Hasbro, bringing more beloved characters and thrilling gameplay to its player community.

Check out Optimus Prime in action on the Official YouTube Channel for Mob Control here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOSVaD1W9zE

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