May 27, 2022

Women in Gaming- RitaLucia from Ghana

The idea of female gamers, over the years, have become less and less of mere imagination as many women are taking the reins and the front row in the world of gaming and esports. Many women have been swooped along in its massive wave as it slowly becomes a way of life in many parts of the world. More and more female game developers are springing up to etch their names on the plaque of history. The women in Africa are no different as they go headfirst into this industry with nothing holding them back. Opportunities for gaming making themselves available all over the continent is giving exposure to both genders and no longer making a ‘guy’s thing’. Ritalucia, a Ghanaian female gamer and streamer has been speaking on her experience in the world of esports.

Question: What is it like being a gamer girl and a streamer?

Ritalucia It’s really fun being a gamer girl and streamer, Although, it can be a bit hectic being a streamer, having to be consistent with streams and keeping viewers engaged and happy can be a bit challenging especially when you’re going through personal issues. Not to speak of the benevolent misogyny we as gamer girls have to constantly endure. Men offering to “carry” you in games or thinking simply because you’re a gamer girl they are entitled to play with you or are better than you. Apart from that, it’s honestly so fun, especially when I encounter other gamer girls, it’s like running into a long lost friend, screams of “Oh My God! You’re a girl too!”

Question: How long have you been gaming and what improvements or deterioration have you seen in the gaming industry

Ritalucia: I started gaming around 10-11 years old, my mum got my brothers and me the Nintendo Wii at that time. In terms of improvements I will say the community is more inclusive of female gamers, albeit we still have a very long way to go but it’s definitely better than it was 6-8 years ago. Another thing would be how smooth games run these days. I’m in constant awe of the technology especially when I see “Behind the Scenes” videos.

Question: Do you see more women venturing into this aspect of global entertainment in terms of gaming, streaming and game development?

Ritalucia: Yes I do! I’m constantly seeing more and more women engaging in esports, streaming and game development. I’d say at least every few days I meet a new gamer girl or streamer or someone who is into game development. I definitely want to see even more women enter this market and do great things!

Question: What would you do different in the gaming industry and what would you have more light shed on?

Ritalucia: I’d love a lot more inclusivity, I want to see even more female characters, good and evil, quirky, serious, different body types. I want more women working on games.

Question: What are your social media handles or gamer tags people can interact with you on?
Ritalucia: Y’all can catch me on
Twitter: Ritaluciabackup
Tiktok: Lady_Legasus99
Twitch: Lady_Legasus99
Instagram: Ritalucia__