February 25, 2024

10 Days To A Billion!!! Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Rakes In More Revenue Than Previous Titles

In just 10 days, sales for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 reach $1 billion, surpassing previous titles.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has reached $1 billion in global sell-through revenue in the first 10 days since its release on October 28, according to Activision Blizzard. Modern Warfare II surpassed the previous record-holder, Black Ops II ($1 billion in 15 days), by earning $1 billion more quickly than any other Call of Duty game.

This comes after Activision’s earlier disclosure that Modern Warfare II generated $800 million in worldwide sell-through revenue in just three days. Grand Theft Auto V by Take-Two, which generated $1 billion in sales in just three days, is still the fastest-selling game of all time based on launch revenue.

Activision also noted that more than 1 billion games of Modern Warfare II have been played, totalling more than 200 million hours of playing time.

Call of Duty GM Johanna Faries stated that “the extraordinary momentum propelling Modern Warfare II is a direct reflection of the energy and passion of the Call of Duty community. We are motivated to deliver once more for the best player community in the world as we look ahead to an unparalleled level of support for Modern Warfare II and the launch of Warzone 2.0 next week.”

While Bandai Namco’s Elden Ring is predicted to end 2022 as the best-selling game in the US, Modern Warfare II is anticipated to have a huge year for economic success. It’s not a perfect or fair comparison, though, because Elden Ring came out back in February.

Warzone 2.0 will be released on November 16 as promised by Faries, and a spectacular launch is anticipated. Warzone Mobile, a new Call of Duty game, will debut in 2023.