July 21, 2024

In front of this week’s release of God of War Ragnarok, PlayStation has released a new advertisement showcasing all the features of the PS5. There’s also a new look at Final Fantasy 16, along with information about how long PS5 users will have exclusive access to the game.

A few of the games mentioned in the new advertisement had small, difficult-to-read print. confirmation of Ragnarok’s November 9 release date and information on the 3D audio capabilities of several titles. When the brief trailer for Final Fantasy 16 appears, the fine print states that it will only be available on the PS5 for the first six months.

It’s unclear when those six months will start. By the summer of 2023, according to Square Enix, Final Fantasy 16 will be available. According to the studio, who confirmed that the game is 95 percent finished, they are on schedule to meet that goal. But that’s a sizable window, and Square will probably try to strike the front of it. Launching the game in May of the next year should allow it to be released in time for the holidays on additional platforms.

After that time, it’s expected that PC will be the next platform to launch. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake serves as a strong precedent for this. Since Intergrade allowed for an extension of the original 18-month release window, Remake is now available on PC but hasn’t yet gone live on Xbox. Not good news for Xbox owners who are eagerly awaiting the release of Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 has been in the news recently for a number of reasons, despite its release date still being well over six months away, at best. Its tale will take around 40 hours to complete, and the game is unrelated to Final Fantasy 14 have previously been established. Last week, producer Naoki Yoshida sought to explain why there will be so few persons of colour in the upcoming Final Fantasy game, which also raised some eyebrows.