April 25, 2024

Japanese company LunaTone has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Kenyan creative media training institute, Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI), to develop the institute’s digital content education.

They plan to do this by connecting ADMI with Japanese companies with expertise, knowledge, and infrastructure in content production and by developing human resources related to the digital content business in Africa’s unique games, esports, and the metaverse.

The main programmes for this partnership are the “Opening Master Classes,” “Support for Capacity Building,” and “Support for Outsourcing to African Talents.”

● Master class starts
Lectures and workshops by Japanese content companies for current ADMI students, teachers, and alumni members.

● Support for capacity building
In order to improve the skills of African human resources, we carry out collaboration with Japanese companies in the form of pitch contests and mentoring related to the digital content business.

● Support for outsourcing to African talent
We are building trust and management methods with Japanese content companies so that we can outsource the work that is lacking in necessary human resources and manpower to Africa.

Chairman at ADMI, Dr. Laila Macharia spoke on the partnership pointing to the opportunity young Africans have to close the global talent gap.

“The global shortage of engineers is estimated to reach 85 million by 2030, and Japan is facing a shortage of human resources due to the declining labour force due to the declining birthrate and ageing population.

“On the other hand, many African countries are facing unemployment problems. We are facing. We believe that with targeted skills and support, young people in Africa can close the global talent gap.”