April 25, 2024

AESA Expands its Reach: Welcomes Mali Esports into the African Gaming Community!


The Africa Electronic Sports Association (AESA) has recently expanded its membership by warmly welcoming Mali Esports into its fold. This exciting development took place on April 17th, marking a significant milestone for both AESA and the gaming community in Mali.

With this new addition, AESA continues to strengthen its presence as the leading organisation promoting esports in Africa. As a member of AESA, Mali Esports now joins the ranks of other esteemed gaming communities from across the continent, further enriching the diversity and inclusivity of AESA’s membership base.

Mali Esports brings with it a passionate and talented group of gamers who are dedicated to advancing the esports scene in Mali. By joining AESA, Mali Esports gains access to a supportive network of like-minded individuals and organisations that share the same vision of elevating esports to new heights in Africa.

AESA is thrilled to have Mali Esports on board and looks forward to collaborating with them to promote esports, foster growth, and create opportunities for the gaming community in Mali. This new partnership promises to open doors for exciting competitions, events, and initiatives that will further showcase the talent and potential of gamers in Mali while also contributing to the overall growth and development of esports in Africa.

As AESA continues to expand its membership base and strengthen its presence, the future of esports in Africa looks bright, and the addition of Mali Esports to the AESA family is a significant step forward in realising this vision.

The AESA is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting esports opportunities for underprivileged youth with the goal of breaking down barriers to entry in the industry. Through various initiatives, AESA aims to raise the standards of esports in society by empowering young people, fostering partnerships with local ecosystems, and engaging with governments and ministries to support the growth of the esports industry.

Additionally, AESA is committed to equipping youth with 21st-century digital skills, such as gaming, coding, and robotics, as a means of encouraging learning through play and preparing them for the modern workforce. Furthermore, AESA actively engages in capacity building for Industry 4.0, with a focus on preparing the African continent for the upcoming fourth industrial revolution.