February 25, 2024

The finals of the Ashanti regional Championship began with registration of players from 10am to 11:30am. The tournament which began at about noon, saw players compete in games like Blur, Fifa 21 and MK11.

In all, Thirty-two (32) FIFA players were registered, along with eight (8) Blur players and twelve (12) MK11 players.

The FIFA competition was structured as a knockout after a home and away matchup between players. Blur was also played in a knockout form with results from the best of 3 race to determine the winner.

MK11 was structured and played in a double elimination form and was played in a best of 3 match to determine the winner.Stephano Ofosu Agyei emerged winner in the FIFA competition while the player who only gave his name as Kalipha god also known as Demigod won the competition for Mortal Kombal 11.

In Blur, Gilbert Owusu emerged overall winner for the maiden edition of the Ashanti Regional Championship