February 29, 2024

Esports is here to stay and it’s the future! The speed at which this industry is exploding and transforming across the globe is phenomenal.EA sports, makers of one of the biggest football games in the the world, has been committed to actively expanding its activities. This new season has seen some African countries included in the OFFICIAL FIFA teams list- Ghana , Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

The first Ghanaian teams to participate in the tournament took on the challenge from Thursday 18th November  2021. Teams including Game Africa, Falcongh, Canvic Records, Eze Gaming Hub, Ruutz, Playprovince and Prime Lords have been playing against other teams from their group in the Middle Eastern and African Region.

After the  first round of competition,  Ruutz, Play province and Canvic records have qualified to the next stage of the competition.There are four different competition styles , FIFAE Club Series , Nations  Series, World Cup and Continental Series.