February 29, 2024

ATK Esports Bids Farewell to VALORANT Academy Roster


South African esports organisation ATK Esports has officially bid farewell to its VALORANT Academy roster. The team, which included notable figures like Melissa “Melsbels” Wallett, Alexa “lex” Perthel, and coach Daniel “Svalja” Van Der Spuy, has chosen to venture into new opportunities during the resurgence of VALORANT in South Africa.

A statement released by ATK Esports reads, “We bid farewell to our VALORANT Academy roster as they expand their horizons during the resurgence of Valorant in South Africa! Thank you, ATK_LuMo, yourgirlalexaaa, fpsCallum, Svalja0, MuzziGG, and ItsMelsbels, for your commitment, and we wish you well in your VALORANT careers!”

This announcement marks a significant turning point for the South African VALORANT community as these players and their coach prepare to embark on new journeys.

Melissa “Melsbels” Wallett revealed her decision to leave ATK Esports on Twitter, saying, “I have decided to part ways with ATK Esports – I would like to thank ATK for all they’ve done for me over the time I’ve played for them, and wish them nothing but success going forward! Also, I will REALLY REALLY miss playing with my teamies.”

Alexa “lex” Perthel also announced her departure, stating, “Left ATK Esports, I am LFT currently!”

As for Daniel “Svalja” Van Der Spuy, he has departed to become the VALORANT coach for South African esports organisation, Nixuh, a testament to his coaching acumen. His vast experience and understanding of the game make him valuable to any team.

“Super happy to announce that I will be joining Nixuh! I will be building and coaching a VALORANT team for this fantastic org. I look forward to what we will accomplish! Thank you for this insane opportunity. Time to dominate the scene.” Daniel stated this following his signing with the team.

The departure of these luminaries leaves a void in ATK Esports’ VALORANT Academy roster, but it also paves the way for fresh talent to emerge. The South African esports scene is buzzing with excitement as aspiring players and fans eagerly await news about the future of VALORANT in the region.

What remains uncertain is how these departures will impact ATK Esports’ main VALORANT team, which currently consists of Cavan “SuperCavs” Abrahams and Nico “CLOXE” Liebenberg. Will there be new recruits to fill the gaps left by Melsbels, lex, and Svalja? Or will SuperCavs and CLOXE be joined by some unexpected additions?