February 25, 2024

AU Esports Connect Minecraft Schools’ Challenge Returns!

AU Esports Connect

The upcoming AU Esports Connect Minecraft Schools’ Challenge, as a part of the Esports Africa Tournament (EAT), aims to not only introduce younger generations to the world of esports but also to showcase the positive effects that video games can have on children when approached with care. With proper management, video games can help enhance crucial skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and imagination, as well as improve hand-eye coordination and reaction time, which parents may find beneficial for their children.

Every month, the challenge changes to a different theme, providing students in grades 5-11 with the chance to display their creativity, problem-solving skills, and teamwork as they construct distinctive structures and compete against other schools. The current theme for this month is “Easter Island,” which means that students will have the opportunity to recreate and discover the Chilean wonder filled with history, culture, ancient ruins, vegetation, and of course, the famous Moai statues.

The AU Esports Connect Minecraft Schools’ Challenge, with the support of Esports Association, Ghana (EAG), Koh-Kae snacks, and Esports Africa News (EAN), will be offering a prize for the winner of the challenge, although they have not yet disclosed what it is. In a press release, the organisers expressed their enthusiasm for continuing the challenge, stating that it’s an excellent platform for students in grades 5-11 to display their creativity, problem-solving skills, and teamwork as they compete against other schools. “We would like to invite your school to participate in the challenge. We will also be providing a prize for the winning team.”

Below are the guidelines for this month’s AU Esports Connect Minecraft Schools’ Challenge:

  • Participants must use the standard Minecraft block types to build their schools.
  • Participants should aim to make their as realistic as possible, paying attention to details such as lighting, textures and layout.
  • Participants may use any resource pack they like, but the use of mods is prohibited.
  • Submissions should be a video of the finished build and should be no longer than 10 minutes.

Registration for the challenge is now open. If you think you and your team have what it takes to come out on top, all you have to do is click on the link and fill out the form. But make sure to do it soon because the deadline for submission is coming up on April 28th.

If you have any questions or anything on your mind, don’t hesitate to hit Esports Africa Tournament (EAT) up at [email protected].