April 22, 2024
cv vc

Crypto Valley Venture Capital (CV VC) Africa Managing Director (MD), Gideon Greaves, is set to feature as a speaker at the fourth edition of Crypto Fest to be held in Cape Town, South Africa on September 30.

CV VC is an early-stage venture capital investor with a focus on global startups that build solutions using blockchain technology. The organisation expanded into the African continent in May 2022.

This year’s Crypto Fest is set to be a hybrid event, with individuals being able to participate in person at the Grand Africa Cafe and Beach in Cape Town or virtually (via live-stream).

cv vc

The event forms part of a Week of Innovation as a collaboration with the SA Innovation Summit, the largest startup event in Africa, taking place over 3 days, from September 27-29.

This year’s Crypto Fest theme is a play on the satire-comedy movie ‘Don’t Look Up’ which describes people’s inability to deal effectively with climate change.

It uses the metaphor of a comet threatening to destroy planet earth, and, instead of looking up and responding to the imminent danger, people prefer to be distracted by pop culture and goofy memes.

The event is expected to ignite hard-hitting conversations, spark critical debates, and host a one-of-a-kind experience on how these technologies and communities are remaking the world of finance, investing, art, music, sport, gaming, entertainment, marketing, governance and more.

So if you are looking to be part of the event you can get your ticket by clicking the link.