February 25, 2024

“Diversify Content Creation On Your Gaming Channels” – ESA Executive

The President of Esports Association of Ghana(EAG) Mr Kwesi Hayford has urged African gamers to create diverse content in addition to their standard game-play content to whet investor appetite and attract sponsorship.

He said posting only content about your gaming escapades are brilliant and will win you lots of following, but venturing into and building them around new fields like Web3, AR and VR, AI etc are all means to diversify content and attract more sponsors for the benefit of both players and management.

Mr Hayford made this known during a Twitter Spaces conversation held yesterday on the topic; “Who Receives Tournament Rewards? Players or Management?”

“If strategically positioned, a corporate entity may see potential in your channel will come after for you to produce content on their behalf or during an activation in return for visibility of your channel or financial aid,”

“Unfortunately that isn’t always the case in our local setting, here management has to push for player visibility in order to attain the maximum returns.”

He said this placed a huge responsibility on management to ensure a thriving environment for the players, thus the need for management to receive any form rewards first hand, and then discuss and disburse the percentage stipulated in the contract with player(s) afterwards. This according to him will ensure satisfactory accountability to all parties.”

Mr Hayford added that because management companies are usually regulated, and that though there are some tax incentives that are allocated to them there is still the need to fulfill their tax duties as an organisation,”

“All these are reasons why there’s the need for an agreement for management to handle rewards and make sure players are properly rewarded.”

The event held on Twitter was organised by @yourminddey brought together esports professionals and gamers to discuss the theme and arising issues from the industry.