May 23, 2024

There is no justification for such behaviour, whether it stems from passion, pressure, or pure joy. The prevalence of toxicity among gamers, or merely witnessing such behaviour online, is increasingly becoming the norm. This trend must be halted in gaming and esports.

In traditional sports, including football across Europe, negative encounters have been a recent issue for athletes.

Melanin Gamer, a gaming and esports organization based in London, along with The Watch, a digital community advocating for diversity and inclusion in the video game industry, are urging the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) to overhaul its current rating system. This reform aims to address the widespread toxicity and racism in many online gaming communities.

These organizations are spearheading a campaign to highlight the escalating vile and toxic interactions within certain gaming and esports communities.

In the current online gaming environment, which includes Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games (MOBA) and Browser Games, players’ experiences are significantly influenced by the virtual communities they engage with, often leading to exposure to detrimental behaviors. However, the ESRB’s ratings only cover the narrative aspects of these games, not the communities that gamers interact with.

By pushing for the ESRB to adopt a more holistic approach to its rating system, we can revolutionize gaming culture, educate parents about the potential toxicity in their children’s gaming communities, and foster an environment based on inclusivity, empathy, and mutual respect.

Petition · Help Us Reform the ESRB’s Reporting System to Combat Racism and Toxicity – Toronto, Canada ·