May 24, 2024

The buzz and razzmatazz oozing from the very packed room, with spontaneous shouts and cheering! This is the Community Echampionship organised by ACE Game Station in collaboration with the Ghana Esports Association.

It has always been the norm that there are more gamers than esports athletes in Africa and especially Ghana. Whether one is having a verbal gaming battle or just discussing their gaming experience there is always the line ‘I am a casual gamer’!. The follow-on questions and engagement lead on to why thy are not competing if they truly are gamers. This seems to suggest any gamer can become an esports athlete.

The Community Echampionship was set up to provide opportunity for gamers in their local communities to participate and have the experience of being in an esports tournament. What this provides is a platform where new talents will be discovered. Esports teams are encouraged to support such initiatives as well as attend and participate in the event. This competition series is expecting to reach over 128 new esports talents across the Greater Accra region including Tema.

The kick-off event was held at the ACE Game centre for the La community. The event saw over 30 athletes register for the event and the interesting part was these athletes were not the regular faces and names known in the esports community. The genre of esports features was FC24 . The La Community championship was won by KIDA, a.k.a Kida Ibrahim.

The Echampionship is supported by Esports Association, Ghana who have been championing the development of grassroot esports and building community engagement.

The tour heads to Tema next and following on from there, other communities in the Greater Accra and Kumasi regions will be featured in the tour.

Esports Africa News spoke exclusively to the organisers of the event, Eric Akon was happy with the turnout and the fact that many of the athletes were totally new to esports tournaments. He said he hopes new talents discovered in the tour to help grow the fc24 community and the wider esports community.


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