April 13, 2024

Fentuo Tahiru Calls for African Game Developers to Bridge Traditional Sports & Esports


Fentuo Tahiru, a prominent Ghanaian journalist with Multimedia Ghana, has passionately appealed to game developers across Africa, urging them to venture into creating video games that accurately depict the diverse football leagues flourishing on the continent. According to Tahiru, esports represents an unprecedented opportunity for growth and success, paving the way for an exciting future within the gaming industry. By showcasing the untapped potential of local football leagues, African game developers can tap into a vast and lucrative market waiting to be explored.

During the highly anticipated “Growing a Startup-The Business of Esports and Game Development in Africa” panel at the Esports Africa Tournament‘s (EAT) inaugural “AU Esports Connect Engage” conference that was held on May 25th at the Legon Branch of Toyota Ghana Company Limited in Accra, Ghana, Tahiru, a well-respected Ghanaian journalist, revealed a groundbreaking perspective on the convergence of traditional sports and esports. Speaking at the event, Tahiru emphasised the immense potential for game developers in Africa to tap into this uncharted territory. His captivating speech shed light on the fact that football clubs worldwide are venturing into the virtual realm and emphasised the importance of leveraging these opportunities to benefit both the gaming industry and the football clubs themselves.


“The traditional sports are transitioning into esports, so you realise a lot of the football clubs are now building teams from the virtual world as well, and you see it’s actually very important for them because we are aware that all of these games pay royalties to these football clubs for using their players, their logos, and everything else, so the success of these e-games will actually be for the benefit of these football clubs, so it is in their interest to create them,” Tahiru said.

Africa has, however, yet to fully embrace this emerging market, presenting an immense opportunity for enterprising game developers to pioneer the fusion of African football leagues and the esports landscape. And the Multimedia Ghana journalist stressed that seizing this momentous opportunity could yield substantial advantages for both game developers and football clubs.

Developers, by creating captivating gaming experiences that involve African football clubs and enticing them to collaborate, can, Tahiru believes, establish a mutually beneficial relationship. The success of such ventures would not only elevate the gaming industry but also provide additional revenue streams and exposure for football clubs, resulting in a win-win scenario for all parties involved.

“We don’t have that market here, so that is a massive opportunity if somebody could come up with something that involves these clubs and get them to sign up. It would be in their interest that it succeeds because they get something from it as well, and I think it becomes a win-win situation for everyone.”

Tahiru specifically highlighted the untapped potential within the Ghana Premier League, emphasising the need for game developers to explore this rich landscape. With the inevitable shift towards esports, Tahiru encouraged developers to take the lead and capitalise on the burgeoning trend. By venturing into this realm at an early stage, game developers can position themselves as pioneers, reaping the rewards of a future that holds immense promise and growth.

“The Ghana Premier League isn’t doing it; that’s a massive opportunity there for a game developer to try and have a look because, trust me, that is the future. That is where everybody is going because whether or not we like it or we don’t, there will be a time that will come. So if you take the lead on that now, the better for you because that’s gonna happen.”

Tahiru’s compelling speech at the AU Esports Connect Engage conference shed light on the transformative power of bridging the gap between traditional sports and esports. African game developers now have a unique opportunity to pioneer this intersection and carve their path in the industry. By heeding Tahiru’s advice and exploring collaborations with football clubs, game developers can unlock a world of possibilities, fostering growth, innovation, and mutual success. The future of gaming in Africa is intertwined with esports, and those who seize this opportunity today will undoubtedly shape the industry tomorrow.