June 25, 2024

In a much-anticipated event, Gamers Association Ghana (GAG) is all set to host a Mixer, bringing together diverse individuals from every corner of the burgeoning Ghanaian gaming industry. The event, scheduled for tomorrow, August 19, will unfold at the Esports Academy located in Haatso, Accra, creating a platform for passionate gamers, technical experts, artists, and industry pioneers to converge and envision the future of gaming in the West African nation.

Marking its one-year anniversary since its inception, GAG has set out to become a cornerstone of the Ghanaian gaming community. The association’s journey began in August 2022, when a group of visionary leaders within the Ghana gaming sphere convened a pivotal plenary session. This gathering of gaming luminaries identified a significant gap in the industry—the necessity for a consolidated network of game professionals, particularly those specialising in technical game design and artistry. Fueled by this shared vision, Gamers Association Ghana was born, and its foundational executives emerged as the driving force behind this revolutionary initiative.

Among the trailblazing minds who paved the way for GAG are Eyram Tawia, a visionary behind Leti Arts and Ambitious Africa Ghana, whose pivotal role in convening the seminal meeting catalysed GAG’s inception. Also instrumental were Jennifer Ohemeng and Lengsie Tabariyeng, esteemed figures from Ambitious Africa Ghana, Oscar Michael of Africomicade, Kobla Setriakor Nyomi of GreyParrot Studios, Dynasto Afedo of TheDynasto, Kabiru Seidu of NubianVR & Nubian Foundation, Maximus Ametorgor of the Esports Association, Ghana (EAG), Tim Affram of Blue Torus, Fiifi Nokoe of Arena233, and James Bedu-Addo of Macula Studios.

As the sun sets on August 18 and a new dawn approaches, gaming enthusiasts across Ghana are gearing up for the GAG Mixer. The event promises an engaging confluence of knowledge-sharing, networking, and spirited discussions on the trajectory of the gaming industry within the nation. From 3 PM to 6 PM GMT, attendees will be treated to a rich tapestry of insights, discussions, and collaborative sessions that encapsulate the vibrant essence of the Ghanaian gaming ecosystem.

The path is straightforward for those eager to immerse themselves in this transformative event. Interested participants can secure their spot at the GAG Mixer by registering through the provided link: bit.ly/GAG-J3. Moreover, this exceptional opportunity comes without any financial barrier, as registration for the mixer is entirely free. For those with queries or seeking additional information, a quick dial to +233-59-524-2434 will suffice.

GAG’s Mixer serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication of the Ghanaian gaming community, a reflection of their shared aspirations, and a conduit for driving forward the nation’s gaming industry. As the clock ticks closer to the monumental event, the stage is set for GAG’s mission to come to life—a mission that resonates beyond pixels and screens, towards the horizon of infinite possibilities that gaming can bring to Ghana.