April 25, 2024

Gameen.gg, an East African gaming and esports community, has announced plans to expand its activities to Ethiopia.

The organisation first announced its intention to expand to Ethiopia on October 16, a week after the Ethiopian Government gave Safaricom Ethiopia a licence to launch the money transfer service M-Pesa in the nation.

Ethiopia’s central bank announced in April that it had written legislation to allow foreign investors such as Safaricom to offer mobile money services. Existing legislation only permitted locally held, non-financial institutions to provide the services. The approval to set up M-Pesa follows the formal launch of Safaricom’s services in Ethiopia.

“With Safaricom and M-Pesa now available in Ethiopia, we’re monitoring and working on expanding to Ethiopia and making our products and services available to gamers in Ethiopia,” a statement from Gameen.gg read.

If the East African gaming and esports community expands to Ethiopia, Gameen.gg will have operations in four countries, including Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, as the organisation strives to become the largest gaming and esports community not only in East Africa but on the entire African continent.

“Expansion to Ethiopia would mean operations in four countries Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia. We’ll keep working to increase the Gaming and Esports ecosystem and help gamers in East Africa earn as much as they can doing what they love.” Gameen.gg said.