July 21, 2024

The second edition of Maliyo Games‘ annual entry-level game developers’ boot camp, GameUp Africa, is set to wrap up its application process on August 5.

The GameUp Africa boot camp, which is set to teach aspiring game developers valuable skills in game development, game design, game art, UI/UX design, and narrative design, among many others, is the brainchild of Maliyo Games founder and CEO, Hugo Obi.

“Before we started this boot camp, we asked ourselves,” Hugo said, “What if there was a way to help small game development studios and rising talent develop their skills and talent? This was the origin of GameUp Africa.”

“We are honoured to be working on supporting skills development within the African games industry, unlocking new employment opportunities for candidates and driving economic growth as a result. This programme has the potential to take African gaming communities to the next level.” The Maliyo Games CEO further stated

The GameUp Africa boot camp is supported by Google which will aid the boot camp in its goal to provide access to the skills, resources and tools needed to build high-quality games for Africa and the world.

Maliyo Games is a Lagos-based game development studio that creates African-inspired games for mobile users with over 40 games in its portfolio.

The Nigerian game developers recently welcomed the French Ambassador to Nigeria, H.E. Emmanuelle Blatmann, to their studio, where they spoke about GameUp Africa.


“We discovered that the best talent in African gaming is not concentrated in a singular location.” Maliyo CEO, Hugo Obi, said, “This is why we developed our remote game developer training programme, known as GameUp Africa, in partnership with Google. Our team is located across various African countries and we work cohesively and remotely.”

The boot camp states it will take aspiring game developers from “zero to building games such as endless runners, match-3, and platformers.” The GameUp Africa boot camp will also teach aspiring game developers how to develop, refine, and package popular games for Android and the Google Play Store.

The boot camp will officially commence on August 15 and will run for 5 months. Although anyone can register to be a part of the programme, they must, however, reside in either Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, or Nigeria to participate.

So if you are an aspiring game developer and are looking to take your game development skills to the next level, you have till August 5 to sign up for the GameUp Africa boot camp by clicking this link.