July 14, 2024

Galactech, an esports startup which serves five countries in North Africa, is currently looking for beta testers for its brand new gaming app T7D.

The Abu Dhabi-based organisation revealed this in a statement, calling for gamers to come and experience the future of the industry. “Galactech is releasing our brand new gaming app, T7D, exclusively to a private group for beta testing.”

“Share your experience and knowledge with us and help us deliver what gamers truly deserve.” The organisation further stated, “Snatch your spot right now and be the first to have a sneak peek at what the app is all about.”

The CEO of Galactech, Houcem Maiza, also called on the organisation’s network of gamers to join them on their journey, stating, “As we continue to transform, evolve, and move to respond to gamers’ constant changes in needs and requirements, we call for the help of our network of gamers to be a part of this fantastic journey.”

“T7D Gaming ecosystem is the next step of evolution for Galactech and gaming in the region. It has many new futures that were never introduced to MENA before. So we call upon the crazy, curious, and brave to hop in, sign up and become our next beta tester.”

So if you are interested in being part of Galactech’s journey and testing what may be “the future of gaming,” as the Abu Dhabi-based organisation calls it, fill out this form.