April 22, 2024

Registration for the Esports Africa Tournament (EAT) Fantasy Premier League (FPL) dubbed the “Esports Africa Fantasy League” is set to wrap up on Friday, August 5.

The league is set to bring together individuals from all across the continent as they battle it out for a slice of the GH₵850 ($100) prize pool.

To join the Esports Africa Fantasy League, one must have an Esports Africa Tournament (EAT) account. If you do not have one, then you will have to create one to qualify to compete in the competition.

After creating your EAT account, you will then gain access to the Esports Africa Fantasy League’s FPL code, which will then give you access to the upcoming competition and a chance to secure yourself a slice of the prize pool.

Esports Africa Tournament (EAT) is an online esports and gaming event management site which was launched in the African market back in May.

The website and app-based platform have already made a name for themselves organising and supporting various esports events on the continent, with the most recent being Ghanaian gaming lounge and tournament organiser Suntrick’s Centre’s FIFA 22 tournament held on July 30.

According to the organisation, it is looking to provide gamers with various tournament opportunities, including play-to-earn and play-to-learn events. The organisation also stated that it has plans to host regular events with locally developed video games.

A statement from EAT read, “The platform will host regular events, including African-developed games from the likes of Leti Arts and Balawayo Studios.”

So, if you want to join the Esports Africa Fantasy League or are just curious about the EAT journey, sign up for your EAT account by clicking the link.